Monday, May 4, 2015

Free to Be Bold

Today I wanted to keep on going with my writing after my requisite word count. I discovered that sometimes even doing 1,500 words is like breaking sticks. There were days in the past when I did much more, but in those days, I wasnt doing this exercise therefore, I wasnt counting. I don't know if any of what Im writing now is any good, but I'm letting myself go, creating characters so heinous that you can't help but laugh at them.

I am not being careful about anything I'm writing. I'm not trying to make it good -- I was going to write especially good, but I took out the modifier. Taking out the word really every time I'm tempted to use it seems (is) (is or seems you be the judge) the best thing I can manage on a first draft without over-editing myself. By axing words like seems upfront, I am becoming more sure-footed as I go along.

This is fiction -- so why do I ever have to use the word seems? It either is or it isn't.

Be free to be bold.


  1. Great advice, Laurie. No modifiers on that one. :)
    I have passed this link onto at least two friends who are writers at one stage or another. I hope they join!

  2. I'm writing along with you in Japan. Let's keep going. At least 250 words a day. I find once I reach 250, the words come more easily. Not always. But usually.